How it works

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How it works

Using MotorTrade is quick and easy, so you can bid and buy the right stock whenever and wherever you are.

So, how exactly does the platform work? Here we clearly explain each step so you can see what’s involved and find out how to get the most out of it.

1. Getting Started

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Once you’ve signed up, log into Arval MotorTrade to enter your personal details, choose email preferences and set your recovery password. You’ll be able to update these details at any point.


2. Browsing auctions

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Explore three auction types: open, blind or ‘buy now’. You’ll find the vehicles available to bid on and buy 24/7.


3. Searching for a vehicle

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Looking for a specific type of vehicle? No problem. Simply use the search function or download a spreadsheet of all available vehicles. Then visit the relevant auction to bid and buy.


4. Checking vehicle details

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Check everything from tyres and damage to maintenance history. We make this process as transparent as possible, using lots of photos and supporting information.


5. How to bid and buy

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When you’ve found the right vehicle, you’re ready to start bidding.

Open Auction

Bid in increments of £100 or set your maximum bid and let the platform bid on your behalf. The highest bidder wins.


Blind Auction

Check the starting bid and place your own bid. The highest bidder wins.

Buy it now

This is exactly as it sounds. A fixed price and no need to bid – simply click buy.

6. Finalising the purchase

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Once you’ve won an open or blind auction, or clicked buy in a ‘buy it now’ auction, you’ll just need to arrange payment and confirm your transport options. It’s that simple.