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We lease around 185,000 vehicles in the UK and when these come to the end of their contracts we need to find them a new home. These vehicles are owned by Arval from new, properly maintained and often in good condition.

We’ve been working with motor traders for more than 10 years, building up an understanding of the types of vehicles that work hard on the forecourt, enabling us to pick the right stock for you. It’s these vehicles that you’ll find on Arval MotorTrade.

The Arval process to get our lease vehicles ready for you


Arval cars and vans return to us at the end of their lease period


We meticulously inspect each vehicle to give you clarity on condition


Each vehicle is cleaned and imaged so that you can clearly see what you are buying


All imagery, detailed descriptions and service history are uploaded to Arval MotorTrade enabling you to make an informed purchasing decision


Each vehicle is added to the most relevant auction so that you can effectively bid and buy

A great choice of vehicles to select from!

Arval MotorTrade gives you direct access to tens of thousands of cars and vans each year. Our vehicle stock is broad with a full range of brands represented. Our cars and vans range from 12 to 60 months old, covering a wide range of engine types (including EV), vehicle categories and mileages. You can find this stock in around 15 different auctions each week which means there's something to bid on 24/7 with Arval MotorTrade. The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is getting bigger and our team have quickly become experts so they can answer all of your questions relating to things like battery health, battery range and servicing. 


Hundreds of vehicles available each week

Our vehicle appraisals are second to none and provide you with all of the information you need including tyre depth and tred, damage and maintenance history. Arval MotorTrade makes this process clear and transparent enabling you to make an informed purchasing choice. We also have our own grading system so that you can compare vehicles. For your peace of mind, if the vehicle ever differs from the vehicle appraisal we will compensate you to get the vehicle back to the appropriate condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you offer cars and LCVs?

Yes, around 75% of our stock is cars and 25% LCV (up to 3.5 tonnes). Within this we offer the full range of brands, models, fuel types and  mileages. Our daily open auctions are split by cars and vans so you can quickly focus in on the stock which is most relevant to you.

Do you grade damage?

Yes, we have a damage grading system giving you a quick view of the condition of the vehicle. We also include damage images within our adverts so you can be clear on what you're buying.

What if I want to return a vehicle I bought?

Our sales support team can help. They will discuss with you the reasons for the return, and your options. For your peace of mind if the vehicle purchased ever differs from the appraisal we will compensate you to get the vehicle back to the appropriate condition.

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