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Importing vehicles

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Arval Trading specialises in selling used vehicles to professionals across borders, providing access to sales organised by the Arval Group.

As a recognised and certified international trading partner, Arval Trading give you access to a wide selection of appraised vehicles.

By simplifying the required procedures (acquisition, administration, customs and logistics) and providing you with the advice tailored to meet your requirements, they can optimise the steps involved in importing your used vehicles into more than 29 destination countries.

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Become an Arval Trading customer

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To register you need to:

Have been working as an automotive professional, buying/selling used cars, for at least 18 months
Have an established commercial structure, with a minimum of 13 used cars in stock
Broadcast used vehicle advertisements on public sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy vehicles from other countries?

Yes you can through Arval Trading which you will need to register for separately. They can provide you with access to a broad stock of vehicles across more than 16 countries. 

Can I export your vehicles to other countries?

Yes, once you have purchased from us, you will have the vehicle V5 and can decide what to do with it.

Can I buy if I’m based in Ireland?

Yes, we sell a good number of vehicles to car dealers based in Northern Ireland so it's a process we're used to.

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