Our vehicles

We’ve been working with dealers for 10 years, building up an understanding of the types of vehicles that work hard on the forecourt, enabling us to handpick the right stock for you. If you’re looking for new stock, register now and choose from a huge range of Arval’s ex-lease cars and vans, handpicked by us and sold directly to you.

The Arval process to get our lease vehicles ready for you


Arval cars and vans return to us at the end of their lease period


We meticulously inspect each vehicle to give you clarity on condition


Each vehicle is cleaned and imaged so that you can clearly see what you are buying


All imagery, detailed descriptions and service history are uploaded to Arval MotorTrade enabling you to make an informed purchasing decision


Each vehicle is added to the most relevant auction so that you can effectively bid and buy

Our large choice of vehicles

Arval's offer of pre-owned vehicles is very diverse, whether in terms of makes, models or the mileage of our vehicles. Depending on your type of clientele you will find both vehicles for individuals and commercial vehicles for professionals or craftsmen.

Our used vehicles have been:

  • Purchased new in manufacturer networks,
  • Used by a single driver during the rental contract, in the majority of cases,
  • Maintained in networks approved by the manufacturers throughout the contract, for vehicles benefiting from Arval Maintenance (90% of the fleet),


Checked by independent car inspection companies before being put on sale. Sourcing from Arval is the certainty of being able to offer, in turn, quality vehicles without surprises to your customers.


More than 400 vehicles available for sale every week

Each vehicle is the subject of a detailed presentation sheet, presenting interior / exterior photos, statement of maintenance interventions, expert report and photos of any damage found.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I release the vehicle(s) I have purchased?

Our finance department will acknowledge receipt of your payment. You do not need to send us proof of payment by e-mail, unless we ask you to do so.

Once your payment has been confirmed internally, we will send you a Pick Up Authorization Ticket (PUAT) by e-mail.

How can I recover the on-board documents for the vehicle(s) I have purchased?

On the day of authorisation for pick-up, we will send you the on-board documents with your invoice via the Belgium Parcels Service (BPS) delivery service. You will receive the parcel within 24 hours.

Important: be present to receive delivery of the parcel and sign the acknowledgement of receipt. Documents will not be left in a letterbox, except at your request confirmed by e-mail. If you are absent, BPS will come back again after 24 hours, up to a maximum of 2 times. If you have not received the documents within 48 hours, please contact us. If your address has changed, please let us know as soon as possible.

What is your payment process?

Have you bought a car? Validate the purchase order in MotorTrade within 2 days. Our bank details and the total amount to be paid are shown on the purchase order.

Important: payment must be made by bank transfer 5 days after validation of the purchase order. When paying, please indicate the number plate(s) of the car(s) purchased as the reference.

Arval bank details :

IBAN: BE94 0018 8617 6114 - BIC: GEBABEBB
Depending on your bank, it may take between 2 and 48 hours to process your transfer.

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