Buying used cars on MotorTrade

MotorTrade is an internet platform specialized in used car sales to professional buyers. With MotorTrade, the automotive dealers have a direct access to the Arval offer without any intermediary commission.


To become a customer of MotorTrade, you need to submit an application. To do so, you are kindly requested to fill in and validate the MotorTrade registration form.


Your application will then be processed rapidly. Your Sales contact will send you an e-mail including all the elements needed to finalise the registration.


You will then receive your ID and password to be used to access the list of used cars proposed for sale.

Sales modalities

You have several ways of performing your purchases:
- Either by immediate purchase at the proposed price
- Or by taking part in an auction with submission of your best bid.

When a vehicle has been awarded to you, you are notified by e-mail. You must then print out the order form attached to the message, put your stamp and signature on it, and return it by fax.

On receipt of the completed order form and on full payment of the amount due by bank transfer, Arval will issue a pick-up authorization to collect the vehicle.

Why become a MotorTrade customer?

There are many benefits of buying vehicles on MotorTrade:

To become customer

- access to a very wide range of cars and vans, 24 to 60 months old, all brands and engines.

- permanent stock of about 6,000 vehicles across Europe, with organization of sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

- complete and clear vehicle description with a systematic inspection perfomed by an independent company.

- direct and commission free access to Arval offer.

Click here to display the application form.