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Who can buy on Arval MotorTrade?

Only motor traders with a valid VAT-Number, which is registered to your company's name and address, can buy on Arval MotorTrade. You must also have been trading for at least 12 months.  To register complete our online application form, and if you have any problems at all then please get in touch with our team who can walk you through the process.

What sort of vehicles do you offer?

We lease to businesses and consumers so our vehicle stock is broad with the full range of brands represented. We offer cars and vans ranging from 12 to 60 months old, representing a wide range of engine types (including EVs), vehicle categories and mileages.

Do you charge a buyer fee?

Yes, we do charge a flat buyer fee of £175 excluding VAT for each vehicle purchased which we believe is competitive in the market and offers good value to our customers.

What auction types do you have?

We run three types of auction. Firstly, open sales events where dealers bid on our vehicles, with the highest bid winning. Secondly, we offer Buy it Now auctions where you can buy vehicles at a fixed price without the need to bid. Lastly, and throughout the week, we run specific themed auctions spanning cars, vans, premium cars, value vehicles, high mileage, low mileage, electric vehicles, retail ready and manufacturer-specific auctions.


How many auctions do you run?

We run around 15 auctions each week which means there's something to bid on 24/7 with Arval MotorTrade.

How do I bid?

Once you're registered the bidding process is easy. Simply select the auction and the vehicle you want to bid on and input your bid. You can bid in £100 increments, and if you don’t want to sit through the auction you can set a maximum bid (called Automatic Bid) and MotorTrade will do the bidding for you, securing the lowest price it can within the ceiling you have set in your Automatic Bid. 

How do I assess vehicle condition?

Our vehicle appraisals are comprehensive and we are really transparent and clear about the condition of our vehicles. You will see lots of images, including images of vehicle damage. We also include service history information. Plus, we have our own vehicle grading system so you can get a quick feel for the condition of any given vehicle on our platform.

Are you experts in electric vehicles?

We lease a lot of electric vehicles and we've been able to build expertise in this area. So whether you want to discuss range, batteries, values, performance, the latest products or something else we can help. We also run customer EV events which give you the opportunity to test drive a range of EVs currently available on the used vehicle market.

Our vehicles

Do you offer cars and LCVs?

Yes, around 75% of our stock is cars and 25% LCV (up to 3.5 tonnes). Within this we offer the full range of brands, models, fuel types and  mileages. Our daily open auctions are split by cars and vans so you can quickly focus in on the stock which is most relevant to you.

Do you grade damage?

Yes, we have a damage grading system giving you a quick view of the condition of the vehicle. We also include damage images within our adverts so you can be clear on what you're buying.

What if I want to return a vehicle I bought?

Our sales support team can help. They will discuss with you the reasons for the return, and your options. For your peace of mind if the vehicle purchased ever differs from the appraisal we will compensate you to get the vehicle back to the appropriate condition.

Service & support

What happens if I have an issue?

Our sales support team, including your Account Manager, are available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.15pm via phone and email. If you have any questions or issues just get in touch with them and they will be happy to help.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we do have a national delivery service. Once you've purchased a vehicle, you can select delivery, and see a quote. Alternatively, if you'd rather collect your vehicles from one of our sites, that's fine too.

Do you have UK coverage?

Yes, while our team is based at our Swindon Head Office, our account managers are often on the road and our vehicles are stored at a number of de-fleet sites which span the country.

International stock

Can I buy vehicles from other countries?

Yes you can through Arval Trading which you will need to register for separately. They can provide you with access to a broad stock of vehicles across more than 16 countries. 

Can I export your vehicles to other countries?

Yes, once you have purchased from us, you will have the vehicle V5 and can decide what to do with it.

Can I buy if I’m based in Northern Ireland?

Yes, we sell a good number of vehicles to car dealers based in Northern Ireland so it's a process we're used to.

About us

How long have you been established?

Arval has been around since 1989 and is part of the BNP Paribas banking group, while Arval MotorTrade has been a destination for dealers to source their stock since 2012. Since launching more than a decade ago, Arval has continued to develop the platform, the services we offer and the way we support our customers.

How satisfied are your customers?

We measure customer satisfaction throughout the year because it's really important that our customers feel well supported by us. Our scores are excellent, and last year our overall customer satisfaction score was 96.6 out of 100.

When are the team available?

Our dedicated account support team is based at our Swindon head office. They are available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.15pm. If you have a question, query or issue please don't hesitate to get in touch.